School Committee Considers CPR Training for Students

By Jay Lancaster

Lynn High School students may soon be receiving CPR training if the ideas brought forward at the latest school committee meeting come to fruition. Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction-Health Mike Geary recently spoke to the committee about plans to train the district’s High School students in CPR.

“Its a two-hour training that the students would take. I would love, and this may be a lofty goal, and the principals agreed with this, to get an entire High School grade trained in it. I know the principals said that after the MCAS testing in June they might be a little more flexible with their schedules, and I think they advocated for the junior class to do it, so that they could have a two-year certification. It would be great to have a thousand or however many juniors we have in the city trained in CPR,” Geary said.

Committee member Patrick Tutwiler expounded on the goal of getting all current upperclassmen trained in CPR before they graduate, an idea supported by the districts principals. “The principals were focused primarily on juniors and seniors with the idea that every Lynn Public School graduate would be CPR certified. So it might even be seniors, you know they have that little gap before graduation, maybe we find two hours in there before rehearsal.”

The CPR program coordinators are aiming for a tentative start of June of the current school year.

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