Single-Family Home Approved, Carnival to Return to Keaney Park

At Tuesday’s Lynn City Council meeting, the Council voted in favor of allowing a one-family home to be built on Collins Avenue in a business district, as well approving a carnival to return to Kearney Park in June.

Thomas McGovern petitioned the Council to allow him to build a single-family home at 52 Collins Ave. in Lynn. According to McGovern’s attorney, Sam Vitale, there once stood a home on the vacant lot at the corner of Collins Avenue and Jewetts Street

“From the early 1920s to 1979 this lot on the corner has a single-family home,” said Vitale.

Vitale explained that the home was sold in 1979 and later demolished with the new owner never developing the property.

“Mr. McGovern has the lot under agreement and needs the Council’s approval before moving forward,” said Vitale.

McGovern proposed building a modest 1,644 sq. ft. home on the lot. Because the former home was demolished McGovern needs special zoning approval from the Council because building a residential dwelling in a zoned business district is a forbidden use.

Vitale said the home would add to the aesthetics of the neighborhood and street.

Ward Two City Councilor Richard Starbard said he has walked the site with McGovern and Vitale and agreed the home would be a good addition to the neighborhood.

With no opposition to the proposal, the Council voted in favor of McGovern’s petition.

The Council also voted unanimously in favor of bringing the Keaney Park Carnival back to Lynn from June 21 to 24. The annual carnival is put on by Fiesta Shows, which runs the annual carnival in neighboring Revere in the Showcase Cinemas parking lot. Founded the late 1960s Fiesta Shows is the largest carnival operators in New England and one of the biggest in the entire Northeast. Fiesta Shows owns over 100 amusement rides, from the traditional Merry-Go-Round and Tilt-A-Whirl to the Big Splash Flume Ride and thrilling Freak Out and Speed XXL.

The vote Tuesday also allows for Fiesta Shows to set up the carnival from June 18 to 20.

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