Helping Students Realize their Potential:Samuels Brings Billionaire Babies Program to Lynn

Linda Samuels has great confidence in her ability to teach young people.

Always striving to ignite a lifelong love of learning in her students, Samuels has an impressive resume that includes 30 years in education, working as a teacher at  the Dana Hall School, a private girls’ high school in Wellesley, and as an instructor at Suffolk University.

She holds undergraduate and Master’s degrees from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA from Suffolk University.

“When I was at Cincinnati, Oscar Robertson (one of the greatest NBA players of all time) was playing basketball there,” said Samuels, who grew up in Ohio. “I grew up with the Cleveland Browns when they were great and also the Cleveland Indians. I used to sit in the lakefront stadium watching Jim Brown when I was a kid.”

Samuels, who moved to Lynn in January, 2017, is the CEO of Billionaire Babies, an enterprise designed to empower children of all ages and nationalities to realize their potential. Her company began in Winthrop in 2007 and has grown steadily in the past decade.

“I do academic tutoring and tutorial training for ages 3 to 23,” said Samuels. “I teach students how to write a business plan, grow the business, and get the money they need to make it in to an enterprise.”

A member of the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce, Samuels said two of her success stories include helping a 10-year-old student promote a book that he had written about birds and helping a young cellist make and market a CD.

“I go where my clients are,” said Samuels. “I do business seminars, one-on-one instruction, online classes, social media, and videos (that are featured on her Website).”

Samuels sets up an individualized, learning program for each student. She then teaches the student basic business principles so he/she can create his/her own business.

“If the student wants help in writing a business plan, it usually takes five sessions,” she said. “If the student wants to actually have me consulting and growing the business, it can take six months.”

Samuels believes that students should learn about business and finances at a young age.

“They really don’t teach a lot about business and finance in high school,” said Samuels. “It’s important that  students learn how to manage their finances.”

Samuels also does SAT preparation classes and college coaching in the admissions process.

Samuels said she has reached out to Drew Russo, director of the Lynn Museum, about the possibility of launching a middle-school, summer program that merges art and science called “Billionaire Babies MBA.”

Samuels said her goal is to become more involved in the city of Lynn.

“I love the Chamber of Commerce and Leslie [Gould] is great to work with,” said Samuels. “I’d like to be able tutor Lynn students in business and science and raise their awareness about running a business and understanding the principles of science.”

She remembers her days as a seventh-grade student back in Ohio and being motivated by a science teacher.

“His name was Mr. Bitner and he got me interested in science, and I took two years of biology and chemistry and a year of physics in high school,” said Samuels, who was the class valedictorian at Mansfield (Ohio) High School. “To this day, I still love science.”

And to this day, she remains supremely confident in her teaching skills.

“I’m really a master teacher – I can teach anybody almost everything,” affirmed Samuels.”

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