Breed Middle School Memorial Day Assembly

Breed Middle School held a Memorial Day Assembly on May 25 to give thanks to our nation’s veterans, and honor Air National Guard veteran, David Solimine, Senior.

“I graduated from here 68 years ago, so this is home for me,” said Solimine, Breed Middle School Class of 1950. “I thank the students for their attentiveness and support.”

The service was dedicated to the country’s past and present men and women of the armed forces who have fought for our freedom, and included a presentation of the colors by the JROTC, performances by the Breed Middle School Chorus, and a candle ceremony in remembrance of fallen American soldiers.

“Days like today, when we remember primarily those who did not come home, I’m reminded of how lucky I was,” said Afghanistan veteran, Mike Sweeney, Director of Veterans’ Services.

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