Yawkey Foundation Donates Its Annual Scholarships

The Yawkey Foundation will once again be donating scholarships to the Harry Agganis Foundation’s scholarship program. The scholarships will be presented at a gathering of all Agganis Week athletes on Sunday, June 24, at Manning Field.

It is the Yawkey Foundation, named in memory of former Red Sox owner Thomas Yawkey and Jean Yawkey, who sponsors the four-year, $4,000 scholarships – not the Boston Red Sox as was previously reported last week in a story about Greek Heritage Night at Fenway Park.

Agganis Week director Paul Halloran said that since 1999, the Yawkey Foundation has given almost $500,000 to the Agganis Foundation’s scholarship program. Including this year, there have been 76 Yawkey/Agganis Scholars

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