Knights Scholars

July 7, 2018

The Knights of Columbus Valladolid Council #70 Scholarship Committee awarded scholarships to 26 graduated
Lynn high school students. Guidance Counselors from each high school assisted in the process of the selection. A total amount awarded was $48,000.00.Shown (Row 1): Brianna Bardates, Adkerky Diaz, Megan Wilkinson, Janessa Fernandez, Emily Hurtado, and Arianna Alberti; (Row 2): PGK Daniel Lemanger, Emily Guiney, Olga Hernandez, Noelani Garcia, Odilia Mendez, Sara Melara, Jennifer Quevara, and Treasurer James Smart; (Row 3): Kurt Spellman, Sorieba Fofanah, Alex Ricciardelli, and William Allen

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