New Restaurant, Revolution Pie and Pint, to Open in August

Jamie Figueroa, General Manager, and Jim Hodgdon, Director of Operations, are very excited to open their new restaurant, Revolution Pie + Pint located at 23 Central Avenue in Lynn, in early August.  They believe that this will be a “centerpiece for the local community” with craft beer and good food.  Because Lynn is a “bustling and exciting city,” Figueroa and Hodgdon feel strongly that they are bringing a “niche product to a young and vibrant community” and plan on being the “premier destination for lunch” daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The specialty pizzas  (individual or regular) are made in a unique, revolving circular oven. When I was there, I had the opportunity to try the margherita pizza, which was delicious.  The menu also includes calzones, sandwiches, and a wing platter consisting of lemon rosemary, honey hot, spicy thyme lime and maple orange glazes.  For those who like sweet pizza, there will be three varieties:  smores, sweet ricotta and crème brulee.  Meals can be ordered and paid for online.  In addition, there will be a delivery service to local businesses and schools.

Twenty kinds of craft beer will also be sold, including Bent Water, from a Lynn brewery, in addition to fixtures in the beer world.  Seasonal beers will also be available.   “There is a 62% of growth annually in the craft beer world,” said Figueroa, “so the formula works.”  Hodgdon added, “The freshest product is from

grain to glass.”  Craft cocktails will also be available to enjoy.

Next to Revolution Pie and Pint will be Brew on the Grid also managed by Figueroa and Hodgdon.  Coffee made in four brewing methods (cold brew, espresso, drip and pour over) will be available daily from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.  Pour over is made in smaller batches that have a smooth robust flavor.  Fresh pressed juice, smoothies and teas from Mem Tea Imports in Somerville will also be sold.  Parfaits, all day breakfast, Belgium waffles, avocado toast, four kinds of cookies, scones and more will be great accompaniments to the drinks.

Anyone looking for a good meal, craft beer and more for an affordable price, Revolution Pie and+ Pint is the new place to go.

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