Crighton, Cahill Welcome Capano to Lynn Delegation

State Rep. Brendan Crighton and State Rep. Daniel Cahill had dual reasons to celebrate Tuesday night. The two

STATE HOUSE DELEGATION: State Sen. Brendan Crighton (left) and State Rep. Daniel Cahill (right) welcome their former City Council colleague,
Peter Capano, to the Lynn delegation on Beacon Hill.

former city councilors were both victorious in their own re-election bids in unopposed fashion and Peter Capano, their former colleague on the City Council, would be reuniting with them as a member of Lynn’s delegation on Beacon Hill.

Crighton and both came to the Brickyard to personally offer their congratulations to Capano.

“Pete’s a great guy,” said Crighton. “We served on the City Council together for a number of years and he’s going to be a great representative for West Lynn. I want to say this was one of the better-run campaigns by all three candidates. Drew Russo and Hong Net are also amazing guys and did a great job and I know they’re going to continue to be leaders in the city. They all ran an above-board, professional and well-mannered campaign. Lynn is lucky to have great people running for office. Rep. Cahill and I are excited to be back at full strength and to have our friend, Peter Capano, ready to get started soon.”

Cahill said he and Crighton jested that “it was like a reunion,” having Capano at the State House.

“We’ve worked together for many years on the Council and we’re very excited to have him come on board,” said Cahill. “The Lynn delegation is one of the best delegations you’ll find in the Commonwealth. We know each other’s work ethic. We complement each other very well and I’m very excited to work with him in the House. I think the House leadership will be really appreciative of Peter’s experience and the enthusiasm that he brings to the job. There were three fantastic candidates and the voters have spoken, and I’m very happy to be working with Peter Capano.”


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