One Mighty Mill is Just That

There is nothing like a fresh-made bagel and there is nothing like one made from freshly milled wheat grown in Maine.

Owners John Olinto of Boston and Tony Rosenfeld, the head baker, of Marblehead were co-founders of B.Good and left a year ago to bridge the gap in the farm-to-table story. They started going to farms and talking about wheat, mill stones and flour.

Bringing One Mighty Mill to Lynn where the food economy is extensive is just right. Located at 68 Exchange St. It is open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. everyday. They even give a 15-percent discount for Lynn residents who show their ID.

Olinto said they decided on locating in Lynn after meeting with U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton and talking about the benefits of Lynn, the location and the real estate.

“I had always thought I wanted to be in Boston and then I learned about Lynn and fell in love with it,” Olinto said. “Our bigger idea is that we want to change local food systems and we think wheat can do that. One hundred and fifty years ago every community had a mill and the farmer would bring grain. But with the industrial revolution we started eating unhealthy flour and then farms stopped growing wheat.”

Their slogan is “We’re Making Whet You Can Eat” and reminding everyone that stone-ground wheat is healthier.

One Mighty Mill uses only its own wheat, grown on a farm in Linneus, Maine and makes about 2,500 bagels a day and 1,200 tortillas and mills 1,000 pounds wheat flour a day. They also make fantastic dark pretzels. One Mighty Mill also sells Atomic coffee from Atomic Coffee Roasters in Beverly. If you’re into baking then you must try their freshly milled flour, pizza dough and pancake mix.

“We make bagels but we have aspirations to do something bigger,” Olinto said. “To create really healthy food and bring back agriculture. It’s more about revitalization.”

Olinto and Rosenfeld have made a commitment to Lynn and their business by signing a 10-year lease on their facility. One Mighty Mill is wide open. You are able to see milling, batter being made, baking and more.

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