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David Colpitts Candidate for Register of Deeds stands for UNITY FOR THE COMMUNITY

Dear Editor,

Growing up on the North Shore and being the son of two parents involved in real estate, I was exposed to the Registry of Deeds at a very young age.  So began my passion for the storage and preservation of records.   I am a historian, genealogist and a member of the New England Historic Genealogical Society.  Records are about the past, present and future.

I want to be your next register of deeds for the Essex Southern District, because I believe the community deserves someone who will bring the registry into the 21st century.  The digital age is upon us.  Providing equitable accessibility is vital to providing service both locally and nationally.   The archiving and storage of records is critical to their ethical preservation and security.  I aim to provide multilingual online and onsite services that will work and create a culture of customer care and inclusivity that serves a diverse community in the 30 towns and cities in our district and beyond.

There is a reason why I’m running as an unenrolled candidate.  My mission is to ensure the de-politicization of this position.  Property is personal, not political.   I stand for unity for the community.

If elected I will lead by example and serve with integrity and transparency.  Please vote for David Colpitts on Nov. 6, 2018.  Thank you for your consideration.

More information can be found at www.David4Deeds.com & David4Deeds on Facebook & @David4Deeds on Twitter.

David Colpitts Candidate for Register of Deeds


A Great Debate

Dear Editor

I would like to thank the Salem News, the Salem Chamber of Commerce, and the North Shore Association of Realtors for hosting Tuesday night’s Register of Deeds Debate between me and my opponent John O’Brien. I believe that this was an informative debate and great questions were asked, and many differences in our candidacies were clearly illustrated.

I strongly believe that your property and the deed to your property is your most valuable asset, and the responsibility of the Register of Deeds is to protect that deed and manage the day to day operations of the office while seeking improvements in the recording process, not to use the office for pushing political activities. As I pointed out in the debate, O’Brien used his office for raising political donations and was rightfully reprimanded by OCPF for his ethics violation and violation of the public trust. O’Brien deflected, blaming the controversy on political pressures rather than his own actions, and lamented that he is not asking his employees for donations anymore.

As I pointed out during the debate we need to remove politics from the office, term limit this office, and make improvements such as improving the electronic closing and recording process, Improving our connections to the State Mass Land Records system, enhance the Property Fraud Watch Program to better protect homeowners, and upgrade the Registry’s E-Filing system. While O’Brien kept promoting his 20 year-old Smithsonian award for “improvement” in technology, and thinks that all of the Registry’s are looking to his system for guidance, the opposite is true – many Registries, like the Northern Middlesex Registry of Deeds under Register Richard Howe, are making incredible advancements in the electronic closing and recording process, while improving the existing in house operating systems. I will work with fellow Registers like Howe, and the Secretary of State, to bring our Registry of Deeds up to current industry standards.

As I stated during the debate, as your next Register I will do all I can to improve customer service and work with the staff that is already there. As a manager of a UPS franchise I have managed a store that has grossed over $500,000 in sales annually, perform notary services, hire and train employees while promoting customer service. As chair of the Rockport Housing Authority I oversaw the hiring process of our new Executive Director, and when I was a member of the Rockport Historical District Commission I always voted to protect our historical district while respecting homeowner rights. I will work to protect your deeds at the Salem Registry of Deeds. Please vote for Jonathan Ring for Register of Deeds on Tuesday Nov. 6, 2018. To learn more, please go to www.jonathanring.org. Thank you for your consideration.


Jonathan Ring

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