‘Dean Lives’ is a Must-See:Drew Anthony Set to Take the Stage in Lynn

Drew Anthony is an accomplished musician, singer, and entertainer – who is also considered the best Dean Martin impersonator in the world.

“I kind of consider myself just a guy that’s an actor and a singer who’s playing the part of Dean Martin, like it was a play,” said Anthony.

Anthony, who looks just like the legendary performer, is bringing his hit show, “Dean Lives” to the Lynn Auditorium Saturday night and his appearance is creating a huge buzz locally.

Anthony has a close friend in Lynn in popular Claire Cavanagh, along with a big following in the area among local groups and organizations including Lynn Housing seniors, the Italian Club on Blossom Street, the Knights of Columbus, and St. Anthony’s, Revere.

Fans can expect Anthony to perform such well-known Dean Martin songs as “Everybody Loves Somebody Somehow,” “Volare,” “Welcome to My World,” and “That’s Amore.”

Anthony is originally from New Haven, Connecticut. He attended New School University, Mannes College of Music Jazz Division, receiving a B.F.A. in jazz music performance. He launched a swing band, “The Drew Anthony Orchestra” and eventually moved to Las Vegas where his special sound and handsome Martin-esque looks would gain him notice.

“Me singing and looking like Dean Martin apparently landed me a job in Vegas playing Dean Martin in the show, “The Rat Pack is Back.”

Anthony’s “Dean Lives” is a show about the musical life of Dean Martin.

“The show starts out with the beginning of his career with Jerry Lewis,” related Anthony. “It runs through some early hits and then goes to Act 2, which is the Las Vegas years where he does his Sands Hotel routine and Marilyn Monroe [impersonator] comes out.”

Act 3 of “Dean Lives” is the “Dean Martin Show years” (1965-74) when Martin hosted one of the most popular variety-comedy shows in the history of television.

“I always try to incorporate that ‘Dean’ in even his earlier stuff because people remember it so vividly,” said Anthony.

Legendary singer Peggy Lee and “Tonight Show” host Johnny Carson will join Anthony on stage during the show.

Anthony recalled the life- changing day when an agent in Las Vegas told him how much he resembled Dean Martin.

“He sent me to a “Rat Pack” show, and the producer said, ‘you look a lot like Dean Martin,’ and I said, ‘that’s fantastic.’’’

Anthony takes a lot of pride in his craft and he has studied thoroughly Martin’s expressions and mannerisms.

“I’ve watched a lot of tape of Dean and his expressions,” said Anthony. “If I make the expressions that he would make, that really locks in the look. And of course, the Dean Martin hair, you just have to comb it a certain way – you do those two things, and with the similar look to Dean that I have – it comes really close to the real Dean.”

Anthony’s introduction to showbiz began in his pre-teenage years.

“I started singing with my grandmother when I was 12,” said Anthony. “I’ve always loved to sing the older tunes, so this [show] is an opportunity to sing tunes that I love, the only catch is that I have to pretend a little bit that I’m Dean Martin, which really is a pleasure anyway, because you still get to make people happy, which is the bottom line for Dean and for me, as a performer.”

Saturday night in Lynn, the beloved Dean Martin will come to life on stage in person of Drew Anthony. He has delighted his fans in Lynn once before.

“I performed at the Lynn Auditorium seven years ago with the Rat Pack,” said Anthony. “I’m looking forward to seeing all my friends in Lynn, especially Claire [Cavanagh], who’s a good fan and a good friend. And my family will be coming up from Connecticut to see the show.”

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