Lynn Tech Skills USA Program:Read All about It


Books for children were offered by the Lynn Tech Skills USA program. The chapter fundraised over $10,000 to purchase 20,000 reading books to promote literacy. Skills USA is a national program involved with trade and technical instructors assisting students to become well-rounded and prepared for the business and industrial workforce.

Principal Carissa Karakaedos understands how important this program is to the school as she stated, “Lynn Tech is about community; it is not only about trades, but giving back to the community whether it is through our employment or community events like this one. The Skills USA has a long standing vocational tradition as students come together and learn what Lynn Vocational Technical Institute is all about and to the City of Lynn. Today, at this Literacy Fair with all these folks, staff members, and most important, our students come together to learn about the importance of reading. This is what Lynn Tech does best as a school by giving back to the community. I want to extend my gratitude to the Skills USA Advisors, Jason McCuish and Claire Price, for their dedication to this program and how much it means to the students and to the school”.

Lynn Tech Skills USA President David Barrios explains the benefits of this program as he said, “Here at Lynn Tech we focus on community service. With this literacy fair we have many children with smiles coming down to select books for their reading enjoyment. This is a very important event for us to make an impact on others in the community”.

The Lynn Tech Skills USA program teaches the students the importance of developing leadership, citizenship, and character skills into adulthood.

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