Bridgewell Names its Building The Kelly J. Martin Center

Bridgewell dedicated “The Kelly J. Martin Center” at a ceremony in honor of its former CEO’s outstanding 35-year career at the social and human services organization located on Boston Street in Lynn.

Following is Interim CEO Chris Tuttle’s remarks at the memorial tribute to Kelly J. Martin:

It’s an important day for all of us and it’s an important day for Bridgewell. I would like to thank Mayor McGee for coming today. Thank you very much.

We’re gathered here today to honor Kelly, a very special person to all of us here. One of the things that struck me when I got to know Kelly is her telling her story to me.

All of you know Kelly started her career here at Bridgewell 35 years ago. She started as the director at Saugus Geriatrics and over her career moved up and ultimately became the CEO of Bridgwell.

Kelly’s work here was so meaningful to all of us. Kelly’s time here is incredibly important. One of the things I learned that Kelly, during her career here when she was in college, actually started off as a computer science major.

And because of her time here and her work with the individuals, Kelly switched her major to social work. What also struck me in the time that I got to know Kelly, and also talking with the staff and with the individuals, is Kelly’s ability to move forward our agenda, our individuals’ agenda, and continuously work toward making people’s lives better.

That’s what’s going to stick with us. One of the things as we move forward at Bridgewell is Kelly will always be with us. Kelly’s DNA is woven in to the fabric of Bridgewell. And it’s who Bridgewell is. Thirty-five years, she will be with us forever.

Her spirit, her kindness, her innovation, her dedication – that is who we are and it is part of our mission and Kelly is a significant reason and a big part of who we are and what our mission is.

I want to take time in recognizing and thanking Kelly’s family for being here, but also thanking Kelly’s family for sharing Kelly with us. Thirty-five years in human service, to do it well as Kelly did, you were dedicated to your family, you were dedicated to your work.

And there were often times, I’m sure, that Kelly had to be at work when she much rather be at home. So for Bridgewell, we are in deep gratitude to Kelly’s family for sharing her with us for all this time.

I have deep gratitude for Kelly for giving me the opportunity to be part of Bridgewell. I don’t take lightly that I was Kelly’s last hire. I will always hold that and cherish that. I will continue to work to move Bridgewell in the path that Kelly had started over this time.

So it is our pleasure and honor not just to dedicate the building, but the programs that sit in this building and call it and have it, The Kelly J. Martin Center.

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