Tutwiler Is Keynote Speaker at CMCC MLK Breakfast

Superintendent of Schools Patrick Tutwiler, PhD. gives the keynote address.

The icy clenches of the first major winter storm were not enough to keep people away from the 33rd Annual Community Minority Cultural Center Martin Luther King Jr. holiday observation held at the Knight of Columbus Hall Monday morning.

Attendees heard from Mayor Thomas McGee and from Keynote Speaker and Superintendent of Schools Patrick Tutwiler, PhD.

Tutwiler is the first African American in Lynn to be the Superintendent of Schools.

“Why are we here this morning? Make no mistake we’re here in celebration of a great man,” Tutwiler said. “A man who used the power of his voice, the profound wisdom of his words, the limitless courage in his actions to inspire change, to transform a nation.”

Tutwiler joined the Lynn Public Schools in July 2015 as deputy superintendent, after being headmaster at Brighton High School in Boston. He began his career as a history teacher, holds a bachelor’s from The College of the Holy Cross, a master’s in education from Harvard and a doctorate from Boston College.

He’s noted for the following statement, “As an educational leader, we must love the student, the teacher, and the craft of teaching, none more than the other, but in that order.”

“We have a diverse community. We have people who are progressive and forward thinking. We have people committed to making the city better,” said Darrell Murkison, CMCC secretary.

Also attending the MLK observation were State Sen. Brendan Crighton, 3rd Essex District; State Rep. Dan Cahill, 10th Essex District and State Rep. Peter Capano, as well as several councilors.

McGee said the right to vote is what makes this the greatest country in the world.

“We come together today to pay tribute to Dr. King’s extraordinary life and legacy,” McGee said, on what would have been King’s 90th birthday. “Dr. King encouraged a whole generation to see the threat of injustice and to fight back through non-violent resistance.”

“Martin Luther King Jr. was known for peace, freedom, justice and equality for all,” said CMCC’s Gail Rayndles in her welcoming comments. “Let us renew man and world kind peace.”

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