Council Approves Two More Pot Shops

The city council approved two more special permits for the opening of recreational marijuana shops.

Good Chemistry, which has another shop in Worcester and a cultivation site in Bellingham, would open a Lynn shop at 696 Western Ave., the site of the old Tony’s Florist. Joe Ciota, owner of the property said he supports his tenant.

Good Chemistry was founded by Matthew Huron, who began cultivating cannabis 20 years ago to provide relief for his father, his father’s partner, and others living with HIV/AIDS and other critical illnesses. 

Today, Good Chemistry is a leading provider of medical and adult-use cannabis products and related services, and is committed to making life better for patients and consumers. The company opened the first medical cannabis dispensary in Worcester in August 2018.

Good Chemistry has developed and implemented best practices in the medical and adult-use cannabis industry in Massachusetts, Colorado and Nevada. Good Chemistry is a well-respected, established company with a strong track record of compliance with state and local regulations.

The second shop approved is Tree Market, LLC which plans to operate at 3 Mt. Vernon St., Unit 6. The presentation was not as extensive as others. Eli Volynsky, co-founder and CEO has teamed up with Danny Razore, CFO, to create the shop.

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