Waterfront Report Given to Council

Dave Andrews of Brown, Richardson and Rowe gave a brief overview of the Lynn Waterfront Open Space Master Plan to the City Council last week.

Since the plan was developed there have been several public meetings on it. The next will be the final public meeting, which will be held in late winter or early spring.

The Lynn Waterfront Open Space Master Plan to create public parks, plazas and continuous promenade along the waterfront. The project area runs from east of the Lynnway between the General Edwards Bridge and the Nahant Causeway. The project intends to increase public access to the water and

“Improvements to the Lynnway and the Carroll Parkway are essential to making the waterfront welcoming and accessible,” Andrews said of the 305 acres involved.

Between this area are approximately 1.75 miles of coastline.

Andrews said they have been working on this for about a year and a half. City, State and DCR officials have all had a look at the report.

“This provides good public access to the waterfront where it currently does not exist,” Andrews said. “It gives the city the chance to guide and shape it.”

To date, there have been three public meeting and two walks of the site.

He noted that development in the area will take the course over several years. The development will also address areas of coastal erosion, woodlands and wetlands near the General Edwards Bridge and the deteriorating of seawalls. “This is unique because this is an open space master plan,” Andrews said. “This provides a new vision based on all this work that can be done in the waterfront area, the design and implementation of strategies.”

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