2019 Grant Cycle Announced

The City of Lynn will be included in applying for grants from the Foundation Trust, a private operating and philanthropic foundation serving the greater Boston area. Lynn was selected as one of six Massachusetts communities eligible to submit grants for the foundation’s inaugural 2019 cycle. Nonprofit organizations as well as city-run programs that are entirely for public benefit such as libraries, historical societies, youth enrichment programs are eligible to apply.

The Foundation Trust was established primarily to “fill the gaps” left by larger foundations through our efforts to bolster and augment the important ongoing work of local and regional small to medium-sized non-profit organizations. Four priority tracks guide the work of the Foundation Trust:

• Overcoming trauma and adversity,

• High-risk youth and communities,

• Restoring dignity and quality of care (chronic mental illness, cognitive decline, and eldercare),

• and Preserving New England’s cultural and environmental heritage.

The Foundation Trust is driven to help individuals and communities facing disproportionate risk or denial of opportunities based on factors such as their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, immigration status, religious affiliation, or physical impairment. Likewise, we support artistic and cultural initiatives that advance inclusivity, diversity, and the expression and unification of distinct voices and perspectives.

Interested nonprofit organizations in Lynn are invited to submit their Letters of Inquiry by March 15.

Additional information about The Foundation Trust and the grant application process can be found at www.foundationtrust.org.

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