Candidate Cinda Danh Reception for Ward 6

A large group of supporters cheered when Cinda Danh was introduced by supporter Gisselle Espinal to be the next Ward 6 Councilor. As Gisselle stated, “Cinda made an unbelievable impact on my life. We immediately connected over the important issues in our community. I was introduced by her magazine – “The Faces of Lynn.” This was a beautiful movement to showcase and to unite the essence of Lynn. We are all neighbors facing the same problems and together we can make a better Lynn by supporting Cinda. She will be our voice”.

As Cinda Danh expressed, “I am running for the Ward 6 Lynn City Council seat. I grew up in Lynn and graduated from Lynn Classical. My parents worked very hard every day and they became home owners in Ward 6. In 2011 our home was facing foreclosure. We had no assistance and we felt our American dream was shattered until a local organization knocked on our door to inform us of our rights as home owners. We witnessed many families including our own struggling to find our voice for the first time. We felt powerless, but we fought along with other families, meeting with local representatives explaining our pain.  We decided from that day forward, we would not be powerless again. Learning from that experience by channeling our passion for advocacy and change, I began to understand the legislative process.  I started off as an intern in the State House and later became the Chief of Staff for a State Representative. I advocated for families of Ward 6. I have experience writing and passing legislation to provide local aid. I feel very qualified to become your next Ward 6 Councilor”.

Currently, Cinda brings political experience at the local and state level. She has met many community members who seek a positive change. She knows by working together a better Lynn can be created.

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