Councilor Hogan Expresses Support For Proposed Storage Facility

Ward 6 Councillor Fred Hogan has expressed his support for a 6-story storage facility that is being proposed at the former Lynnway Truck Center, 164 Blossom St. Lynn developer Patrick McGrath of McGrath Realty Trust, who is hoping to build the 100,000 square-foot storage facility, said the business would generate approximately $600,000 in tax revenue for the city.

Hogan said the additional tax revenue, along with the limited impact on city services, are major factors in his support of the project.

“This proposed project presents a major opportunity for the city of Lynn,” said Hogan. “As ward councilor, I am 100 percent behind this project and will always continue to be supportive of new businesses, especially those that add tax revenue and jobs. “The storage facility is projected to have little to no impact on schools, police and fire along with water and sewer while generating roughly 12-14 permanent jobs and 70-90 construction jobs for the anticipated 10-12-month project schedule.”

The new storage facility will have limited impact on traffic, generating roughly 25-35 additional vehicles per day.

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