State, City Officials Seek to Have Ferry

There’s a clear consensus among Lynn local officials that there needs to be a Lynn Ferry, especially now that the Tobin Bridge will undergo construction for the next two years.

“In order to alleviate the negative impacts and increased congestion and added delays on our roads, bus system, and commuter rail as a result of the Tobin Bridge project, I submitted a letter to MassDOT and the MBTA requesting that they utilize construction mitigation funds to operate the Lynn to Boston commuter ferry service.

The ferry terminal cost of $6.5 million to construct a couple of years ago funded with the Seaport Bond authorization and funds from the Commonwealth.

“For residents of Lynn and the entire North Shore region, who already face congested roadways and rush hour commuter with rail trains and buses at full capacity, water transportation would provide a public transit alternative as critical mitigation during scheduled bridge repair work that is already underway,” McGee said. “I feel strongly that if this is  left unaddressed, the effect of this project will result in regional gridlock and the subsequent inability of people to get to and from work, doctors’ appointments, schools, and tourist attractions in a reasonable amount of time and will have a negative impact on our regional economy. We are already seeing the negative impacts through reports from constituents of increased travel times on the roads, buses, and commuter rail. Without any mitigation, this situation will only continue to worsen. The service has had successful pilot programs in the past and we are in the process of procuring a dedicated vessel for this operation in the future. By restoring ferry service from Lynn as soon as possible, I believe MassDOT and the MBTA would be offering the residents and employers North of Boston a viable transit mode to ensure adequate access to downtown Boston, the South Boston Waterfront and to Logan Airport as the necessary maintenance work is completed on the Tobin Bridge. I have reached out to the State Delegation, the City Council, and the business community to encourage them to make this same request to restore ferry service from Lynn to Boston, and I encourage residents and commuters in Lynn and surrounding communities who are affected by this increased commuting time, to make their voices heard as well.”

“We’ve been working with the Lynn Delegation, EDIC, the Mayor’s office and Congressman Seth Moulton’s office to procure a ferry boat that could hopefully be funded from the $4.5 million grant we received a few years ago,” said State Senator Brendan Creighton. “More importantly we’re pursuing federal highway mitigation funds for the ferry service because of the ongoing work on the Tobin Bridge.”

He added that Lynn has already had a 2-year ferry pilot program that far exceeded expectations, and was with limited funds, limited marketing and a limited schedule.

“It has been a long and sometimes frustrating process to return service to the Lynn Ferry Terminal and I am cautiously optimistic that through federal and state funding we secure a ferry boat and continue service,” said State Rep. Dan Cahill. ”Especially as infrastructure in and out of Boston makes it really impossible for someone to have a normal commute. Transportation and access to Boston are two issues that I hear often.”

 “Unfortunately they’re doing a lot of work on the Tobin Bridge and there aren’t enough routes to get into Boston,” said State Rep. Peter Capano, adding that getting from the North Shore to Boston is his number one priority.

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