Open House at Islamic Society

The Lynn Islamic Society of the North Shore extended an open door to their neighbors and to local officials on Mosque Day. This was about having a conversation to learn about their religious faith and their role in the community.

Local businessmen and member of the Board of Trustees, Duke Hadu stated, “The most importance aspect of society is for us to get along with each other. We had this open house to introduce ourselves to the community. It is wonderful to see many city officials visiting our Mosque as well as other denominations and other backgrounds. We want to maintain a good relationship within the city”.

Mayor Thomas McGee expressed, “I want to thank you for extending an invitation to Open Mosque Day. It is great to be here with friends and elected officials coming together within the community. This is such an important part of what we are in the City of Lynn. It is so important that we share one city, one state, and one country together. By sharing all the things, we have so much in common. We’ll continue to build those bridges and to make all of us stronger together”.

Essex County Sheriff Kevin Coppinger stated, “The Mayor was right on point. I have been here before and this is a tremendous group. We are all on the same page. It is sad at times to look at what is going on in our world; it seems sometimes we are not making much progress. It can be frustrating. Most importantly, we need to communicate with each other and work together. We have to remember that all men are created equal in all regions of the world. If we bring this to the public safety point of view, it will translate into better communities for all of us”.

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