Special Olympics at LVTI: A Community-Wide Effort

The Special Olympics at Lynn Vocational Technical Institute (LVTI) created a special day for the children who attended.

The field house was buzzing with excitement as the games began. Students from the elementary school level had the time of their lives.

LVTI Principal Carissa Karakaedos experienced her first Special Olympics as she explained, “This is my first Open House for these games. It is definitely more than I thought it would be; I was not expecting this event to be so amazing. Our students absolutely stepped up to give the children a lot of joy and fun. It is great to see the children running around, jumping, smiling, and playing. This is what this community is all about, seeing our Lynn Police, Lynn Fire, and the Lynn Rotary Club coming together to support the efforts of this program. This truly shows the deep roots and the investment everyone has for children in this city.

Lynn Rotary Club President Brenda Peral expressed her pleasure about this annual program, “We have been the primary sponsor for these special games for 49 years. We are proud to be part of this event each year; we are very excited coming to watch the children having joy in their hearts”. 

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