Lynn Could See First Female-Owned Pot Shop

If all goes according to plan, Lynn could see its first female-owned and operated retail marijuana shop in the near future.

Tuesday night the City Council heard a proposal from Heather Hannon, CEO and owner of Essex Apothecary, 233 Western Ave. She was joined by manager Jenna Hoang and head of security, Harrison Whitney (who used to worked in the Essex County Sheriff’s Department.)

Hannon acknowledged that the process has been a long one, as she told the Recreational Cannabis Site Plan Review Committee, that to get to this point it has taken her “one year, one month, six days and two hours.” She initially had another address in mind, but had to withdraw that proposal.

“We have been working on this for months,” said EDIC Director James Cowdell.

She recently held a neighborhood meeting and felt it was successful. The next step is that she will have a public hearing at the City Council’s August meeting seeking a special permit to operate the boutique-style shop.

There will be parking for 22 cars and an indoor waiting area to discourage lines outside. “It’s going to be one of the best fortified places in Lynn,” Whitney said.

Hannon said they will not have their own grow facility as some other pot shops do. She said her product will come from growers around the state and locally.

All proposed shops must be vetted by the city’s Recreational Cannabis Site Plan Review Committee. So far the city has granted six shop openings, with eight allowed in the city. Before opening, the shops also have to be licensed with the state Cannabis Control Board. Another pot shop, the Harvest Club, LLC, 461 Broad St. (the old Lynnway Auto Sales) withdrew its proposal with no reason cited

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