‘Markie’ Mark Paradis Celebrates 60th Birthday

If anyone ever watched a Lynn English football games under Coach Gary Molea during the 1990s, you would have noticed “Markie” Mark Paradis on the sidelines as an assistant manager.  He would support and cheer the players, bring the water onto the field during time-outs, and pick up any football gear on the sideline. Mark enjoyed being around the coach’s staff and the players. He was considered to be part of the family, since his Dad once coached Lynn English football. 

Mark was the son of Mickey and Marie Paradis. They lived near Lynn Woods Reservation entrance. When Mark was born on August 5, 1959, the umbilical cord was wrapped around him causing a lack of oxygen that eventually left Mark with some developmental disabilities. He was given a life expectancy of 25 years by the doctors; however, it has been some miracle in time for Mark to beat the odds.

During his youth he rode his bicycle to nearby Wyoma Square. He had part-time jobs at Tai Hong Restaurant, R&R American Service Station, Newhall’s Liquor store, and at Nickey’s Pizza, whose owner became a lifelong friend with a caring interest toward Mark.

For the past 20 years, Mark was a fixture on the Frank Carey’s Big East Basketball Tournament trips to New York City. He became well known among the many travelers. Mark attended many Friendly Knights of St. Patrick events and was designated as the Friendly Knights’ Leprechaun.

Mark’s parents and his brother, Michael, are deceased. He currently resides with his Nephew, Mike, and his wife, Diane, in Maine. His 60th birthday party was organized by his cousin Patrick Burke, and lifelong friends – Jack and Mike Kelter, and Bill McDonald. Thank you to Italian Club Director Gerry Raffaele and Piero Procopio for the video production on Mark and use of the function room.

So many friends, family members, and others came to celebrate “Markie” Mark’s 60th birthday at the Italian Club. This was a great tribute for Mark who is Lynn’s Native Son.

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