McGee Announces Relocation of Senior Center by June 2020

Special to the Journal

Mayor Thomas M. McGee has announced that the City of Lynn will be seeking to relocate the Senior Center from Greater Lynn Senior Services (GLSS) 8 Silsbee Street building as of June 30, 2020.

Mayor McGee stated that the City of Lynn for several years has been looking to secure its own facility to house, operate, and manage the Senior Center.

“GLSS has been a valuable partner for many decades during a time that Lynn was not in a position to operate its own Senior Center,” he said. We look forward to continuing to work with them during this transition and with the future delivery of nutrition, mental health and meal preparation/delivery programs at the new Center. This is an exciting opportunity to expand the vital services the City can offer our senior population.

“Given recent stabilization of the City’s financial condition along with increased state aid for senior programs, we believe the time is right for Lynn to follow the model of other municipalities in the Commonwealth and operate its own Senior Center,” said Mayor McGee.

The City will work with the Lynn Council on Aging to help identify the qualities necessary in a newly relocated facility. 

“This is an exciting opportunity for Lynn and its seniors,” said Paul Crowley, GLSS CEO about the Senior Center transition. “I have long subscribed to the adage that any society, and therefore any community, will ultimately be judged by the way in which it supports its elders. I am proud that GLSS and the City of Lynn have worked very closely together for a very long time to be sure Lynn elders receive the best supports possible. That work will continue. Putting the needs of our elders first, we have jointly determined that this new direction for the Senior Center will offer the greatest benefits to more seniors throughout the city. GLSS will do whatever it can to ensure a smooth transition and will, of course, continue to deliver the vital services and resources our consumers need to promote their health and well-being.

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