Trahant Named Triple Impact Competitor

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Hannah Trahant, a high school senior who is a cheerleading, swimming and diving, and track-and-field athlete at Lynn English High School  named has been named a Triple-Impact Competitor by Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA)–New England.  Hannah is one of 14 New England high school scholar athletes to receive this recognition, and a Finalist for a PCA-New England Triple-Impact Competitor scholarship. 

Hannah Trahant

 Positive Coaching Alliance selects Triple-Impact Competitors based on essays they submit explaining how they meet three criteria: personal mastery (making oneself better), leadership (making one’s teammates better), and honoring the game (making the game better).  Recipients must provide testimonials from a school administrator, a coach, and at least one other individual who is familiar with the student-athlete and able to speak to his/her embodiment of the Triple-Impact Competitor principles.

 “We were impressed by Hannah’s essays and references which demonstrate that she is a leader who supports her teammates and approaches her sports with ‘enthusiasm, dedication, integrity, and maturity.’” said Beth O’Neill Maloney, Executive Director of PCA’s New England chapter.  Maloney said that PCA selected Hannah as a Triple-Impact Competitor because “as an honor roll student, Hannah often mentors younger teammates ‘with patience and grace’ and knows that the success of the team is what is most important.  Her commitment to the team shows through every day as she leads by example, making PCA proud to recognize her as a Triple-Impact Competitor.”

 Current high school juniors can apply for a Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship between January 1 and May 31, 2020.  Applications and more information can be found at  Positive Coaching Alliance is a national non-profit working to develop Better Athletes, Better People by partnering with youth and high school athletic programs to provide young athletes with a positive, character-building youth sports

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