Resident Creates Meaningful Opportunities

Lynn resident Dorothy Kurtz Phelan is on a mission to help women Artisans become independent entrepreneurs. As an ambassador for Noonday Collection, a business that sells an inspired collection of jewelry and accessories made by Artisans across the globe, Phelan plays a role in elevating women from poverty, allowing them to contribute to their communities while supporting themselves and their children. The opportunity to work for the socially responsible business came in March 2019, when Phelan found herself captivated by the meaningful approach to the business after hosting two Noonday trunk shows. Phelan’s connection with Noonday couldn’t be more different than her career as a Podiatrist, where she has specialized in foot and ankle surgery for the past 20 years.

“I decided to join Noonday as an ambassador because it is completely different from what I do in my career and it has an amazing mission of helping women artisans, while upholding the highest ethical and environmental standards,” said Phelan. “The products are made from locally sourced materials such as recycled bullet casings and artillery shells, upcycled saree material, tagua (palm) seeds, handmade paper beads, hand loomed yarns and textiles, and marble.”

As part of the Fair Trade Federation, Noonday is a B corporation that uses fashion to create meaningful opportunities in 15 different countries and vulnerable communities around the world. Phelan likes the fact that she can connect the artisans to women in her community and create a marketplace for them by partnering with hostesses to hold Trunk Shows.

“All the products are handmade, quality pieces that are en-trend and continue to provide dignified, sustainable work to artisans in struggling countries. Their styles are truly made with love. It makes me feel better as a consumer that I know where my jewelry, accessories and leather bags are made, who they are made by, that they are made without factories or chemicals, and that our partners are paid fairly for their work. It is satisfying as an ambassador that I can connect these women to the rest of the world.”

Noonday is working to end exploitation in the workplace, create more fair trade partnerships, end trafficking and domestic violence in countries where women have historically not had a voice in society, all while helping to create jobs for these women to support themselves. 

“In today’s world it is gratifying to know that I have made a difference, that I have supported someone who can pay for their children’s tuition or help bring fresh water and utilities to their communities, all because I have helped to connect them, making it possible for them to flourish.”

 Today, there are over 2200 Noonday independent ambassadors who are changing the world and there are countless women Artisans who now feel empowered and have jobs. In 2018, customers purchased over half a million products which created work for artisans in 130 community workshops. Noonday raised over $140,000 for 700 families through adoption trunk shows, and 157 ambassadors traveled to meet artisans across the globe.  Since its founding, Noonday Collection has donated over $1 million dollars to support life changing social programs. 

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