Lynn Tech Annex Named Alfred ‘Mal’ Malagrifa

Special to the Journal

The renaming of the Lynn Tech Annex to the Alfred “Mal” Malagrifa Building was a fitting tribute to an educator who devoted many years to vocational education in Lynn. He was known as “Mal” to many students, trades people, and colleagues throughout his career.

School Committee John Ford, Honoree Al “Mal” Malagrifa, Lynn Police Chief and LVTI Alumni Michael Mageary, and Former LVTI Director Bart Conlon.

Mr. Malagrifa learned four principle values in life from his parents. These values included family, friendship, encouragement, and commitment.  He carried these beliefs each day helping people. As a Lynn Tech Administrator he influenced many students who later in life became very successful individuals.

When LVTI was being constructed in 1970, Mal oversaw many of the building operations. He left his fingerprint, making sure everything was done correctly. Years later the City of Lynn purchased a building diagonally across from the LVTI. This became the annex. Once again, Mal carefully watched the transition from a warehouse to a school.

Alfred Malagrifa had the foresight and commitment to make LVTI the jewel of the city. Students would receive a skill and an academic education. Many students became tradesmen and others entered different vocational careers from their studies.  Lynn Tech grew with a Cooperative Education Program,  Alumni Association, Advisory Board Committee, and a Hall of Fame under the leadership of Mr. Albert “Mal” Malagrifa – an outstanding vocational educator. 

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