Coach King Thanks the Soccer Boosters

King thanked the Soccer Boosters for their outstanding volunteer efforts during the season and organizing a superb banquet.

“We would not be here tonight without all the hard work of our Boosters,” said King. “Mrs. Zollo, with the help of Mr. Zollo, also the Mancaniellos – they’re an integral part of our team, absolutely incredible. Their fundraising efforts, from ordering jackets, ordering t-shirts, providing snacks for games, the water – it’s such a big part of our team that you have done for us, and trust me, the boys and the coaches are so appreciative. You’ve done a tremendous job.”

King went on to further shine the spotlight on Kim Zollo. “Mrs. Zollo was a godsend. She’s an incredible fundraiser. She was supportive of our team whether it was for refreshments before games to keep us hydrated, having snacks. She did a tremendous job.”

At the banquet, King also credited the English administrators in attendance, Principal Thomas Strangie, Vice Principal Jennifer Mancaniello, and Athletic Director Dick Newton, for their support of the boys soccer program.

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