NSCC Lends Health Care Equipment for Coronavirus Treatment

With all classes being tempo­rarily held remotely, North Shore Community College’s state-of-the-art health care equipment was dormant and unutilized. Thus when Winchester Hospital reached out in mid-March to see if NSCC could lend its mechani­cal ventilators, the answer was a resounding yes.

NSCC alum Tasha Boodakian, Class of 2019, RRT (registered respiratory therapist) at Winchester Hospital shown with loaned NSCC medical equipment.

The current COVID-19 pan­demic can lead to profound re­spiratory failure and mechanical ventilators are in short supply. Mechanical ventilators are so­phisticated machines which are used to support the vital function of breathing for a patient when they cannot do it effectively for themselves. While Winchester Hospital was in line to receive a few from outside suppliers, they were eventually told they would not be receiving any.

“Winchester Hospital is a strong supporter of the Respira­tory Care Program at NSCC, said Jane Schweizer, MSEd, RRT, Program Director of NSCC’s Respiratory Care Program. “Not only are the managers of the Respiratory Care Department alumni of our program, but the entire Respiratory Care Depart­ment provides exceptional clini­cal experiences to both our first- and second-year students.

“The Winchester Hospital Respiratory Care Department employs many of our graduates, 5 from the Class of 2019 alone. We are extremely fortunate to have such a supportive rela­tionship with this facility, so we were happy to comply with their request,” Schweizer noted.

On Monday, March 30 NSCC loaned Winchester Hospital 3 state- of -the- art, industry- stan­dard, mechanical ventilators along with a non-invasive ven­tilator (BiPAP machine). These ventilators were inspected by the hospital’s biomed depart­ment and now they are set up and ready to go in the event the hospital needs them.

NSCC has also donated sur­plus PPE supplies to other area health care providers.

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