Markey for U.S. Senate Campaign Blows Past Signature Goal of 10,000

The Ed Markey for U.S. Senate campaign this evening announced that it has received over 23,600 signatures from an unprecedented sweep of the state–with requests for nomination papers from 343 of the 351 cities and towns.

As a result of the massive level of voter support from thousands of volunteers, who contributed countless hours of their time, Senator Markey will appear on the September 1 primary ballot. The campaign will file the signatures with the Secretary of State’s Office next week. Senator Markey participated in a virtual video call this evening where he thanked over 360 supporters for their efforts.

After successfully winning 70 percent of the support at local city and town caucuses earlier this year–a significant grassroots show of support– the Markey campaign also gathered 7,000 signatures by engaging with voters at coffee shops, libraries, and in their homes, and the campaign was on track to have the required number of signatures prior to the May 4 deadline. Through successful digital and relational organizing, in the weeks following the cancelation of the caucuses, the Markey campaign saw an enormous outpouring of support resulting in today’s announcement.

Supporters who want to create a personalized Ed Markey page can simply go to

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