Lynn K of C Blood Drive

With a critical shortage of blood donations due to the Coronavirus, the Knights of Columbus hosted a blood drive. FDD/PGK David Solimine Jr. coordinated this event with Grand Knight Robert MacIsaac to help the American Red Cross to sustain a blood supply during this public health crisis.

Team Leader Marcia Gonzalez was very appreciative for the Knights of Columbus to offer their facility for this commitment. As Marcia said, “This blood drive is very important. Many of our drives have been cancelled because of this pandemic. Businesses and colleges are not open; we needed to reach out to organizations like the Knights of Columbus to open up their facilities, so we can run our blood drive. The outpouring of the Lynn community has been wonderful and we certainly hope this will continue”.

Grand Knight Robert MacIsaac is very proud of the Knights of Columbus stepping up for this enormous need. Future dates are planned to continue this program at Lynn Knights of Columbus. To learn more, go to

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