Kennedy Tours Lynn Community Health Center, Meets with Frontline Workers

On Sunday, Joe Kennedy III visited the Lynn Community Health Center to meet with health care providers and frontline employees. Kennedy’s visit was part of his Jobs and Justice Initiative (JJI), which is a working legislative proposal intended to guide our country’s economic recovery efforts towards building a better, stronger, more resilient post-COVID America.

Kennedy was greeted upon arrival by Dr. Kiame Mahaniah and followed stringent COVID-19 safety guidelines and protocols before entering the facility. On the tour, Kennedy spoke with Dr. Mahaniah, nurses, and other employees about their challenges and received feedback on his Jobs and Justice Initiative. 

 “The burden of this pandemic has rested on the shoulders of doctors, nurses, and health care staff like no other time in our history,” said Congressman Joe Kennedy. “It’s time we finally protect these frontline workers, and not just during this pandemic. We need to make sure every single person in Massachusetts and in our country has access to health care, and we can only deliver on that promise if we take care of the workers who will make it possible. To everyone at Lynn Community Health Center who took the time to share your experience, thank you. We are fighting for you.” 

 Joe Kennedy’s Jobs and Justice Initiative tour has been geared towards meeting with working families, business owners, Black and Brown communities, organized labor, essential workers, and other community leaders in order to hear feedback from those most affected by the virus. 

The Kennedy Jobs and Justice Initiative (JJI) proposes a large-scale public works and federal hiring program designed to both address the acute needs of COVID-19 response, and to remedy the profound injustices of our modern economy, which long predated this pandemic. With a focus on equality, intersectionality, and anti-racism, the proposal builds on Kennedy’s earlier “moral capitalism” platform and continues his efforts to reorient federal economic policies to center American workers.

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