Massachusetts Teachers Association Endorses Ed Markey for U.S. Senate

The Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA) last weekend endorsed Ed Markey for re-election to the United States Senate. 

The major labor support comes at a key moment in the primary race and builds on Sen. Markey’s overwhelming existing support among unions, including: the American Federation of Teachers, the American Postal Workers Union of Massachusetts, Postal Workers Local #4553, UNITE Local 26, AFSCME, SEIU 888, SEIU 32BJ, CWA 1400, AFGE, National Association of Social Workers – PACE, and the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA.

Founded in 1845, the Massachusetts Teachers Association represents 110,000 members in close to 400 local associations throughout Massachusetts. It is dedicated to securing a better workplace for education employees and advocates for quality public education that will help students flourish.

“Senator Ed Markey is a true champion of public education and working families,” said Massachusetts Teachers Association President Merrie Najimy. “He is doing everything possible to win the resources our public schools and colleges need to help create a stronger and more just Commonwealth – and we know that he will never let up. Now more than ever, we must elect leaders who will stand with us. Ed Markey has an incredible record of advocating for policies that help students, educators and our communities, and Massachusetts needs him in the U.S. Senate to keep up that fight.”

“Senator Ed Markey has been a champion for Massachusetts’s students and public schools, which is why we are proud to endorse his re-election campaign,” said National Education Association President Lily Eskelsen García. “He understands just how important it is to ensure all Bay State students have access to a quality public school education no matter what ZIP-code they are from or the color of their skin. Markey is committed to paying educators like the professionals they are so communities are able to attract and retain the quality educators that our students deserve.”

Sen. Ed Markey has consistently supported public schools in Massachusetts and across the nation. He created the E-Rate program as part of the 1996 Telecommunications Act to ensure that schools and libraries across the country are able to provide internet access that is critical to student success. 

“School employees and educators have always been heroes. In the midst of a pandemic, our teachers have gone above and beyond to ensure that students are able to achieve academic success at home,” Sen. Ed Markey said. “Educators are essential workers. It is our educators who are molding the next generation of leaders for our state, our city, our nation, and we must provide them with the health care, wages, and protections they deserve. I’m proud to have the Massachusetts Teachers Association’s support, and will continue to fight for them, for public education, and for all union workers in the United States Senate.” 

The son of a union leader, Sen. Markey has also stood with workers demanding basic rights. In June, Ed Markey spoke at a Massachusetts Teachers’ Association car rally in Malden to call for additional federal funding for Massachusetts and our schools.

Markey has served in the United States Senate since winning the special election in 2013.

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