Russo: Early Trends in Lynn Pointed to Big Markey Victory

When Democratic State Committeeman Drew Russo saw the early results coming in from Lynn, he knew it was going to be a big night for U.S. Senator Edward Markey in the hotly contested Democratic Primary versus Congressman Joe Kennedy III.

Though Kennedy edged Markey in Lynn, the incumbent U.S. Senator from Malden rolled to a sizable margin of victory statewide.

City of Lynn Election Department personnel – Election Coordinator Sarah Bullock, Election Administrator Karen Richard, Asst. City Clerk Deb Ginivan, City Clerk Janet Rowe, and Election Clerk Deb Santos.

“Based on Ed Markey’s previous race versus Steve Lynch (when Lynch won Lynn by a 13-point margin), the closer Lynn was this time, the better it was for Markey overall,” said Russo.

Russo noticed Markey winning in Lynn’s Ward 1, Ward 2, Precinct 1 (Fay Estates), the Beach Precincts, “and holding his own in places like Pine Hill and Ward 7, which in the past were traditionally Ted Kennedy strongholds – I knew then it was going to be a good night for Ed Markey.”

The large margin of victory statewide surprised Russo. “I was blown away by the final vote total – it’s just an extraordinary testament to the grit and determination of the Markey campaign and the Senator himself.”

Russo, who supported Markey in the election, offered his personal congratulations to the winning candidate.

“I was with him all the way, right from the beginning,” said Russo. “Even when Kennedy got in the race, I decided I was ‘sticking with Ed,’ which has been the hashtag they’ve using on social media.

“Ed Markey is one of the happiest warriors that I’ve met in politics,” said Russo. “He is a guy that really exudes joy and really brings a lot of thoughtful determination to the job. Ed put a phenomenal campaign team together led by John Walsh, chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party. I congratulate Sen. Markey on his victory and look forward to supporting him in the November election.”

Markey will be facing off against Republican nominee Kevin O’Connor in the election on Nov. 3.

Congressman Seth Moulton, who represents Lynn in the House of Representatives, easily won the Democratic Primary, besting challengers Jamie Belsito and Angus McQuilken.

City Clerk and Election Chief Janet Rowe did an outstanding job conducting the Primary Election that had a tremendous number of mail-in ballots due to the coronavirus.

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