Brian Field to Return to Work After Suffering Serious Heart Attack

Lynn City Councillor-at-Large Brian Field was expecting to be back at work Thursday after suffering a near-fatal heart attack last Friday at home. Field is a funeral director at Solimine Funeral Homes in Lynn.

Field, 44, underwent surgery Friday at Salem Hospital after being rushed to the hospital earlier in the day. He had been experiencing chest pains Thursday night but he thought it was indigestion.

“I thought it was a case of indigestion but the pains started again at 6 a.m [Friday],” reported Field. “I texted my wife [Stefani] to come upstairs and she and her father, who is a retired firefighter, called 911. Lynn Fire and Atlantic Ambulance came and transported me to Salem Hospital. The Emergency Department was great.”

Field said he was very grateful to those who responded so quickly in a serious, medical situation.

“My family, the Lynn Fire Department, Atlantic Ambulance, the paramedics on the ambulance, the Salem Hospital Emergency Department, and Dr. Sunu Thomas, “who did the stent procedure.”

Field was released from the hospital Monday afternoon. “I’m on medication, resting at home – the doctors told me do some walking. I’ve made a couple of lifestyle changes on diet, medication, and exercise and I should be okay. I’ve been cleared to go back to work.”

Field said he had no previous heart-related incidents prior to the heart attack. He had undergone lower base skull surgery in July and that affected his exercise regimen. He does not believe the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic had a negative impact on his circulatory system and overall health.

“I don’t think it had anything to do with my health situation,” said Field. “I think everybody is stressed by the pandemic.”

Field and his wife, Stefani, will celebrate their 20th anniversary on Oct. 7. The couple has three children all of whom visited him in the hospital.

“Stefani’s been the best, I can’t ask for a better woman,” said Field. “She’s been by my side all summer. I hope to have an anniversary dinner with her. I don’t think I can eat a steak, but we’ll do something. I’ll take her somewhere nice. I owe her.”

Field said Mayor Thomas McGee and all of his colleagues on the City Council have reached out to him offering their best wishes in his recovery process.

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