Seth Moulton Re-Elected to Congress

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Seth Moulton was re-elected Congressman in the Sixth Congressional District in the election held Tuesday.

Moulton received 25,031 votes in Lynn while Republican candidate John Paul Moran received 8,439 votes.

Supporters holding campagin signs on election day – Wendy and Michael Dubinsky, Eileen Mathieu, and Jennifer Martelli.

Moulton, 42, was elected to his fourth term for the seat that encompasses most of Essex County, including the City of Lynn.

Moulton released the following statement Tuesday night:

“I am honored to have earned another term to represent the North Shore and Merrimack Valley in Congress. The work ahead could not be more important as Congress continues to confront a deadly pandemic and repair the damage done in four years of assault by the President on our fundamental American values. This moment demands a Congress with the moral courage to stand on principle, the empathy to listen and compromise, and a bias towards action. We must fight this pandemic with all that we have and bring lasting reform to government, ensuring that those who represent the American people are motivated not by profit, popularity, or power, but by service. America has faced greater challenges than we do now, and I am confident that our faith in democracy will allow us to unite and move past this divisive, vitriolic moment. Democrats will do the hard work of uniting this country. We can do it by leading with principle and conviction, and with genuine charity for all, not just those we perceive to be on our side. I am looking forward to restoring a government that truly works in the best interest of all Americans.”

 Sen. Ed Markey was re-elected to the United States Senate, defeating Republican candidate Kevin O’Connor. Markey received 25,111 votes in Lynn while O’Connor received 8,781.

Lynn’s state delegation on Beacon Hill, Sen. Brendan Crighton and State Reps. Daniel Cahill, Peter Capano, Lori Ehrlich, and Donald Wong were all re-elected to their positions.

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