LEHS Drama Club Creating Work Despite COVID

Having worked for weeks, individually recording their scenes under the safest of guidelines, the students of the LEHS drama club have created three short works to premiere virtually on January 8 2021. Each student recorded all their scenes following a guide audio recording in their ears so that the individual scenes would sync up to create whole scenes with as many as ten actors. Some were recorded in spaces in the school building while others were done in front of a green screen. The scenes are now being put together, edited and digitally manipulated to create a whole work. The show is called “Three for One (341)” and consists of three short plays.

The Lost Girl, or First Chair by Lauren Yee: When the first chair violinist at a performing arts high school disappears, the competition is on to find her replacement. As the girls who occupy the second to fifth chairs vie for the prime spot, the mystery of what exactly happened to Katie, the first chair, unfolds.

Old Folks by Max Posner What separates the teen years from the seventies, eighties and nineties? Not as much as you might think. As these old folks reminisce about each other and their pasts, their younger selves come forward to give a glimpse of their youth before they move on.

The Astonishing and Dangerous History of Mazefield the Frog by Jen Silverman What do you get when you mix jealous sisters, the meanest kids on the planet, skateboarders, internet dating, foreign spies and a homicidal vigilante frog? The best school dance ever!

Three for One is a collection of three short plays all created specifically by professional contemporary playwrights to be performed by teen actors. This play is free for any student who wishes to see it. Adults may purchase tickets on a “pay what you can” scale, and we are also asking for donations from anyone who can afford it to help keep our group going. To see the show visit showtix4u.com and search for LEHS Drama Club. The show will be available for viewing from January 8-14 but you can get your ticket now! 

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