Mayor McGee Urges Caution as Lynn Has Its Highest One-Day Total of COVID-19 Cases

Special To The Journal

With the City of Lynn experiencing 210 new COVID-19 positive cases in a single day on Jan. 5 – the highest one-day number of cases in Lynn during the pandemic – Mayor Thomas McGee is urging residents to stay at home to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Two weeks ago the city joined Boston and other communities in scaling back to Phase 2, Step 2, which reduces capacity at many indoor activities and businesses.

“We’re working with Health Director Michelle Desmarais on an extension of that order to Phase 2, Step 2,” McGee said Wednesday.

McGee said health experts and epidemiologists had predicted that people attending holiday gatherings would result in an increased number of positive COVID-19 cases.

“It’s important over the course of the next few weeks to stay inside and exercise caution,” said McGee. “We need to work together to help limit the spread as we go through this surge and understand that the impact of the vaccine is still several months away. We can’t lose sight of the actions we need to take today to continue to save lives and really limit the spread.”

McGee said his office will be sending out a strongly worded letter to residents identifying what needs to be done in limiting the spread of the coronavirus.

“Hopefully the cases will stabilize,” said McGee. “But people traveled and got together during the holidays and were in close indoor settings and that’s why the spread of this terrible virus is continuing to happen and cases are increasing.”

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