Guest Op-Ed: Don’t live your life based on Biden or Trump

Dr. Glenn Mollette

 When did life begin for President Donald Trump or President Joe Biden? Did Trump’s life begin when his father loaned him millions to start investing? Did it begin when he married Melania? Or, did life begin when he was elected President? Maybe his life is beginning now that his Presidency is over?

 What about Biden? Did Biden’s life begin each morning when he boarded Amtrak headed for Washington? Maybe his life began when he was elected a Senator or even the Vice President? Maybe his life is just beginning now? 

Trump will have options after the White House. He is a businessman. He will figure it out. Maybe NBC will seek him to do The Celebrity Apprentice once again? Yes,

NBC hates him but they love money. The Celebrity Apprentice made NBC and Trump hundreds of millions of dollars. Someone will publish Trump’s memoirs. I predict he’ll make about 50 to 75 million dollars off his book royalties. He has over 70 million loyal followers. If ten million people buy a book with a $6 to $9 profit for the publisher then you can start multiplying the cash. Book publishers are all about money and sales. They know the market potential. Trump will stay busy on the speaking circuit. In about a year look for him in a city near you drawing a crowd. 

Biden’s life is only changing in that he finally gets to sleep in the White House. He will be in the same place where so many politicians and families have slept before. Biden is familiar with the nation’s Capitol. He has practically spent his entire life there in politics. It’s what he has awakened to almost every morning of his life. Although now, he will sit in the Oval Office. 

Life is changing for these two men in different ways but what about your life? When did your life begin? Did it begin at your conception? Your birth? When you turned 16 years old or 21? Maybe it began when you retired? When will your life end? The beginning of your life starts when you start living your life. The end of your life concludes when you give up and stop living your life. 

 Our lives are brief, here today and gone tomorrow. Don’t base your life on who is The President. The quantity and quality of our lives typically hinge on our decisions and the transitions we adjust to. Life is filled with transitions, just look at Biden and Trump. 

Change disrupts us and the climate of fear and skepticism is dominating our nation. 

For you and I we must live our lives right now. Every day we wake up is a new beginning and a new life. The old life was yesterday and we can’t relive, change or erase it. However, we can learn from yesterday and education is very valuable. 

When someone else’s life begins is all conjecture on our part. When your life begins is your daily decision. Live your life. Maybe at this moment, your life is just really beginning.Glenn Mollette is the publisher of Newburgh Press, Liberty Torch and various other publishing imprints; a national columnist –  American Issues and Common Sense opinions, analysis, stories and features appear each week In over 500 newspapers, websites and blogs across the United States.

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