Lynn Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Tutwilder Visits Boys and Girls Club

The Lynn Boys and Girls Club has transformed from old to new bringing much enrichment to the children and teens programs. Through months of reconstruction, the facility is now open. The staff demonstrates a feeling of warmth and vibrancy welcoming anyone who enters the building.

The club offers a STEAM Lab program that stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Other programs include a career and academic success course, a community service segment, as well as computer programs and WiFi access for remote learning.  

Visiting the facility was Lynn Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Patrick Tutwilder. He was so impressed with what the Boys and Girls Club offered to the Lynn youth. He expressed by saying, “On a scale of one to ten, it is a twenty. This is an amazing space that was thoughtfully designed and makes this program exciting to the people who give so much to it. The staff is so connected to the children, to the families, and the community. The Lynn Boys and Girls Club is a special place.”

Program Director Jodi Furlong spoke with a sincere concern for the children and parents, especially during these trying times. Jodi continued to say, “The Boy and Girls Club opens its doors to help the children with their virtual learning as well as keeping the children with us every day. It gives parents a chance to go to work providing some relief for the parents and for the children. We are planning after school and summer activities as soon as we can.”

“We are definitely here for the kids, especially the ones who need us the most.” said Executive Director Brian Theirrien. He is proud of his staff because they give a lot of their time to the programs and have tremendous attitudes. The staff is well trained and follows all the safety procedures.  As Brian continued, “At a young age, children make a lot of choices either some good ones or some difficult ones. We are here to help the children learn how to avoid poor decisions and to make better choices.”

What brings joy to the staff and Brian is when the children grow and develop with good skill sets, by obtaining a job, and attending college. The rewarding part is when a former Boys and Girls Club member returns with a sincere thanks to the staff, which is a tribute to their dedicated service for the children.

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