A Q&A With Massachusetts Gaming Commission’s Brad Hill

The MGC is pleased to welcome Bradford R. Hill as a member of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission. Commissioner Hill was sworn into office on September 16.

Hill was appointed to the Commission by Governor Charlie Baker, Attorney General Maura Healey, and Treasurer Deborah Goldberg, effective September 16, to fill the experience in gaming regulation and administration or gaming industry management seat. He will fulfill the balance of a term that ends in 2025.

Commissioner Hill recently participated in a Q&A to discuss his prior experience in politics and how he hopes to contribute to the work of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission going forward.

• Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background prior to joining the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

My career in public service started at the local level as a member of the Ipswich Board of Selectmen in 1997. It is hard to believe it was that long ago. I was subsequently elected to the Massachusetts State Legislature in 1998 as the representative of the 4th Essex District, which is part of the North Shore of Massachusetts. I served for 22 years until my recent appointment to the Gaming Commission.

As a member of the Legislature, I dealt with a lot of environmental and educational issues. During my tenure, I also filed bills to bring casino gaming and sports betting to the Commonwealth.

• What led you to your career in government, specifically in Massachusetts?

My parents were two individuals who cared very deeply about the community in which they lived. They always were out helping people, they were local store owners, and they used that store to be able to help people as best they could. That value was instilled in me, and I wanted to dedicate my career to helping others.

Being in the Legislature afforded me that opportunity to be able to help the senior citizens of my area and young kids of our area, and that’s what really got me into it. And then of course, once you get into public service, you realize there are so many ways you can contribute to your community and make a difference.

• What do you think you will bring to the table as you start your work as a member of the Commission?

I have a unique vantage point because I was a member of the Legislature that passed the Expanded Gaming Act here in the Commonwealth in 2011. Because of that experience, I think I have the advantage of bringing to my work at the MGC firsthand knowledge of the legislative intent informing the Expanded Gaming Act.

In addition, at the MGC, we work with numerous municipalities. I was a local official, so I understand firsthand what local officials are going through. I want them to know they have someone with experience in local issues who understands what they’re feeling, what they’re debating, discussing.

• What are you most looking forward to as you get settled in your new role?

One of the things I’m looking most forward to is touring all of the facilities here in the Commonwealth, and more importantly, getting to know the people who are involved in gaming here in Massachusetts.

I’m someone who loves to meet people, and more importantly, become someone who they can depend on moving forward as gaming continues to thrive here in Massachusetts.

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