Lafayette Returns to Goldfish Pond

Many experienced a day in history with the reenactment of Marquis de Lafayette’s return to the park as in 1824, named in his honor for his service during the American Revolutionary War. Dakotah Bontos characterized his part as Lafayette very well waving and mingling among many visitors who learned how beautiful this area has become through the efforts of the Goldfish Pond Association.

Layette’s return is one of the biggest events organized by the Goldfish Pond Association, especially under all the other activities noted by John Baker. He continued to say, “Since we started to beautify this locality beginning with the annual Flea Market, this became a community event. Our goal is to have residents involved, learn about the history of the pond, and our continuous effort provided through the city that allows us to maintain, clean, and upkeep this park on a weekly basis.”

The association has been planning the “Lafayette Returns to Goldfish Pond” for a long time. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the celebration was postponed last year. Finally, the surrounding neighborhoods and the City of Lynn came together to have this event.

The efforts by Goldfish Pond Association overseeing this gem in the center of Lynn are for everyone to enjoy the beauty, wildlife, and the tranquility offered at Lafayette Park.

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