Greater Lynn Chamber of Commerce Mayoral Debate

Special to the Journal

The Greater Lynn Chamber of Commerce (GLCC) hosted the last mayoral debate at the Knights of Columbus between Darren Cyr and Jared Nicholson. Executive Director Colin Codner welcomed everyone; he presented questions to each candidate. Both candidates introduced themselves and answered questions about Lynn’s future and concerns.

Three weeks are left in this campaign season. Each candidate feels confident going into the final sprint toward election day. Darren Cyr explained, “I feel very confident, and I am receiving a tremendous response from the voters. At the beginning of this campaign, I was labeled as one of the good old boys; I am not one. I am in this campaign for one reason – to make our city the best possible place to live. I have lived in Lynn my entire life and will still be here to make Lynn better. “

Mayoral Candidate Jared Nicholson stated, “My staff and I are very elated with all the support that I am receiving. I have a great team of volunteers delivering my message to the people. I am excited to have this final conversation at this debate and to make my case for a better Lynn for all residents.

Both candidates worked hard getting their message out for a better Lynn. Tuesday November 2nd is election day; this is the time for voters to voice their choice at the ballot box.

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