Jerry’s Ballbuster’s Reunion

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With Mayor Tony Marino, throwing out the first ball, in 1974, this roster of the Wyoma Square – Golden Circle’s’ Jerry Ballbusters was born. And what a run!  A grand slam!!  

Lynn Parks and Rec’s Women’s Leagues took on a life recruiting dozens of teams to develop and grow, year after year.  This entrance into the Lynn’s Adult Softball Association multiplied by hundreds and the program continued for almost 50 years.

A look at the 1974 Jerry Ballbusters team.
Last weeks attendees included Peggy Kelly, Penny (powerhouse) Pension, Helen
(GOAT) Pace, Sis Sansone, Claire Avadanian, Barbara Cameron, Debbie Collamore, Patty Raimo, in spirit, Mary Robillard, The Shanahans, Diane Thompson, and Karen Fenton.

Jerry’s  74 roster, included Patty Shellgren, Patty Raimo, Peggy Kelly, Mayor Marino, Cheryl Miller, Claire Avadanian, Disne Thompson, Janet Modugno, Helen (GOAT) Pace, Karen Richards, Terry Kelly, Sis Sansone , Barbara Cameron, and Judy Johnson.

Year after year, teams grew, powerhouse  players were recruited by other teams, many players moved up and some may have moved down, but a special bond was created for the originals that has never been forgotten. For almost 50 years, while some friendships may have faded away, moved away and life got in the way, the connection never left.  

Last Friday night, an assembly of former BB players reunited. Still strong in spirit, to reminisce and talk about the good old days, on and off the field. The summer leagues, men’s and women’s games and post game fun,  was our Golden  “social circle”  while we were all growing up as 20 year olds. The camaraderie and friendships can never be forgotten. The playoffs, championships, and trophy’s drove our energy levels all summer and carried through every season.  There were many nailbiters, tiebreakers, tears and hip hip hoorays.  We had so many great sponsors, dedicated coaches, managers (Steve) loyal fans,  (filling manning Bowl) and lots of supporters and are so very grateful for it all.

While this was Reunion 1, Reunion  2 is already being planned out, encouraging the numerous men’s and women’s softball leagues to join with us as we plan a citywide event, recognizing school sports and athletics.

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