Lynn Woods Protected Forever

Special To The Journal

A momentous vote occurred at Tuesday’s City Council Meeting when the City Council, on behalf of the City and the Lynn Water & Sewer Commission, voted to petition the Legislature to authorize the City to grant a Conservation Restriction to protect Lynn’s most treasured natural resource, Lynn Woods.

The grant to the state Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and the Essex County Greenbelt Association is intended to protect and preserve the City’s reservoirs, watershed, and the hundreds of acres of Lynn Woods for conservation and recreation purposes.

City agencies and officials have worked for over twenty years with state officials, conservation groups, neighboring towns, and many others to achieve a lasting legacy, the protection of Lynn Woods, its open space and trails, and surrounding properties that contribute to the City water supply.

Speaking in support of the protection of Lynn’s natural resources, City Council President Darren Cyr said, “I am proud and pleased that my Council colleagues are the ones who not only recognized the need to preserve and protect Lynn Woods, but acted to do it now. We received the input of the Friends of Lynn Woods, Gannon Golf Course, the Special Needs Camp, the Park Ranger, and importantly the Lynn Water and Sewer Commission.

The real vote here is one of thanks to all who persevered, working so long, to finally achieve the result desired by the community.”

Once Lynn Mayor Thomas McGee signs the agreement and approval is obtained from the towns of Saugus and Lynnfield, the Secretary of Environmental Affairs will then proceed with the final formal steps to complete the conservation protection.

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