Centerboard Launches Empowerment Scholarship

To help college students in the upcoming 2022-23 school year, Centerboard is pleased to announce our new Empowerment Scholarship.

The Empowerment Scholarship is now open to students who are at least 18 years of age, are attending a two- or four-year degree program at an in-person or online college or university and are in need of financial assistance to realize their educational goals.  The scholarship is not dependent on immigration status.

“At Centerboard, our mission is to empower our communities by investing in people and places. This new scholarship will invest in our local students and their futures, which is something we are so proud and excited to do,” said CEO Mark DeJoie.

The brain-child for the scholarship is our Mentor Coordinator, Dany Acosta. 

“As a social worker and a DACA recipient, I am committed to creating opportunities for students who are ineligible for government aid, most scholarships and grants due to their immigration status,” said Acosta. “Every driven student who takes on the challenges of higher education, despite their immigration status,  should not be hindered by inequitable financial assistance or debt.”

Applications are due Sunday, May 1st, 2022 by 11:59PM with awards being announced in July 2022. For 2022, we plan to give out three scholarships of $500 each. We hope each year we can continue awarding more students with more money.

The application can be found on our website.

Centerboard is a community-based organization that supports families and young people through housing, access to employment, education and financial empowerment. We work with local residents, businesses, and elected officials to increase economic opportunity in the community. In addition, Centerboard is invested in Lynn’s creative economy by spearheading public art projects and running the non-profit gallery Visionspace. Through these efforts, we serve over 4,000 people each year.

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