Lynn Police Lend a Helping Hand

On Friday, January 21, three Lynn Police Officers assisted with the monthly Brown Bag food distribution at GLSS.  This is a project by GLSS where senior citizens are provided with a large brown bag full of non-perishable food items.  The Lynn Rotary Club has been assisting with this distribution for several months.  This past Friday Lynn Police Chief and Rotarian Christopher Reddy and Rotarian Steve Upton were assisted in the distribution by two Lynn Police officers: Lt. Tim Donovan and Patrol officer Oren Wright.

Patrol officer Oren Wright.
Lt. Tim Donovan.
Lynn Police Chief Christopher Reddy.


Approximately 100 Lynn citizens arrive at GLSS on the third Friday of each month to receive their groceries.  This is a project to help Lynn senior citizens with food insecurity issues.  The food items are provided by the Boston Food Bank

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