Route 1 Landmarks Featured

Photographers from a well-known Boston-based magazine were at Prince Restaurant Tuesday taking photos of owner Steve Castraberti and his wife, Patricia Castraberti, and the restaurant for an upcoming feature on Route 1 landmarks in the monthly publication.

The Castraberti family has owned and operated the popular restaurant, known for its delicious pizza, since 1961.

The Kowloon Restaurant, owned and operated by the Wong family that includes State Rep. Donald Wong, will also appear in the feature. A photo of the Wong family is being taken for the magazine. Kowloon has been a major dining and entertainment complex in Saugus for more than seven decades.

The large orange dinosaur that was a fixture at Route 1 Miniature Golf and Batting Cages and still overlooks the highway and the Hilltop Steakhouse cactus sign will also reportedly be featured in the magazine.

Meanwhile, according to a sign outside the Continental on Route 1, scenes from the movie, “The Holdovers” will be shot at the restaurant. Well-known actor Paul Giamatti stars in one of the lead roles in the comedy-drama as a professor at a prep school.

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