Solimine Family Purchases Nadworny Funeral Home

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On Thursday, March 31, The Solimine Family took title to the Nadworny Funeral Home business assets. According to Richard C. Nadworny, Jr., “I am pleased to be able to entrust our family firm over to the Solimine Family. With the passing of my dad this past October, my family and I decided that it was the right time for us to close our Western Avenue location. The real estate at 798 Western Ave. is under contract to be sold to a local family and will be repurposed. Over the years, my father and I have always had the highest regard for the Solimines and their entire staff. I will be joining the Solimine Staff and look forward to working with them to serve our community.”

The Nadworny Funeral Home was established in 1958 by Richard C. Nadworny. Richard C. Nadworny, Jr.  joined his father in business in 1979 as an apprentice and became a fully licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer in 1981. David J. Solimine, Sr. established the Solimine Funeral Homes in 1965. David J. Solimine, Jr. joined his father in business in 1976. Joel C. Solimine, who now manages the family firm, became the third generation of the Solimine Family in Funeral Service upon his licensure in 2011.

The Solimine Funeral Home at 426 Broadway was constructed in 1982. The Solimine Family purchased their 67 Ocean Street location in 1984 from the Rhodes Family. The Solimine Family also purchased the former Landergan Funeral Home in 1996 and the former Richardson Funeral Home in 2003.

Noted Joel C. Solimine, ”All of the records of Nadworny Funeral Home will be maintained at our offices at 426 Broadway. We look forward to working with Rich Nadworny in serving the families that have historically called on the Nadwornys in their time of need. Families that have pre-arranged their funeral services with Nadworny Funeral Home will have the option of using either one of our two Funeral Home locations.”

Nadworny added, “On a personal note, the Solimines and the Nadwornys have always been good friends. As a matter of fact, Joel Solimine’s mom, Patricia (Szczechowicz) Solimine, was a bridesmaid in my sister Maura’s wedding. On a professional level, my dad and I along with Dave, Sr., Dave, Jr. and Joel Solimine have been collaborating and assisting one another for over 50 years.”

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